Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Terrier by Tamora Pierce

Beka Cooper:Terrier by Tamora Pierce:
In 246 H.E., the Provost's Dogs guard Tortall's capital city. Beka Cooper is one of their newest trainees-a Puppy wet behind the ears but eager to learn. But Beka will have to learn faster than she bargained for because she's assigned to the Lower City, Corus's toughest district. It's filled with pickpockets who are fast as lightning, rogues who will knock your teeth out with a smile, and murderers with hidden plans. In the constant battle for the Lower City's streets, Beka will have to use her smarts and her own eerie brand of magic if she hopes to survive.
This is the beginning of Beka's story, her legend, and her legacy...

All Beka Cooper wants to do is be Dog ever since she met her Lord when she caught and beat up the man who was abusing her mother. Her mother died later and her and siblings were moved into her Lord's house. Now its her first year as a puppy. Thinking she will be the first to become a Dog their first year but she encounters problems on the way. She's paired with the best Dogs; Goodwin and Tunstall, but they aren't to keen on having her. She's horribly shy and her purple eyed cat named Pounce keeps following her even if she locks him up. Everyone's counting on her failing but Beka has a few powers to help her along the way. She can listen to spinners or dust storms that have collected all the horrible stuff they've heard. She can also hear pigeons who carry dead spirits.
I am horrible addicted to Tamora Pierce's books. With her strong female main characters set in a world back in the middle ages. This is just as good as all her others. I can't wait to see what happens between Beka and Rosto in her next installment Blond Hound. At the end of the book you'll find a new view on what cats and pigeons could really be. I give this book a 8 out of 10.


Lauren said...

How come I haven't read any Tamora Pierce yet?! Beka sounds like a great heroine.

Faye( Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm) said...

I really have 2 read this series.Tamora Pierce is awesome.
8/10 it make me want 2 read it more.

i added u 2 my blogroll :D