Thursday, August 6, 2009

Open Your Peepers

I went on to Catherine Murdock's site because I knew that her third Dairy Queen book was coming out and I just wanted to post some things.
Here's the cover and the description:

In this hilarious and moving conclusion to the Dairy Queen trilogy, D.J. Schwenk returns to her small-town high school – only to find that herself the focus of far too much attention. From a old friend now hot for romance, to college recruiters and rabid local hoops fans, to Brian Nelson . . . How will shy, quiet D.J. handle things now that she’s front and center?

I've read both of the previous books and I was hooked to them. I used to get on her site all the time wondering if she was ever going to publish her third book because I had seen it somewhere that she was making another one so I stalked her site for a while and every time I thought about it I would go here and now it is finally here. Yay! It's being published on October 19th so go check it out. Here's her site. She also posted a Beaner play list:

Music Playlist at

She also said some things on her site. Like how there will not be a DJ and Aaron, her older brother's professional football playing room mate. I will confess to having visions of this relationship so arrgh but she also says that Beaner plays a major role so that sounds interesting. I can't wait to read this. Also, I love this play list. It's actual songs I've heard and listen to often so give it a listen.

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