Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lost Mothers, Stowaway Boys, and Proper English Girls

I decided to make better review titles from now on instead of just putting the book titles.

Title: Unclaimed Heart
Author: Kim Wilkins
Pages: 305
I absolutely loved this book and devoured it in one sitting. Constance Blackchurch has lived with her Aunt Violet her whole life. Growing up without a mother and a barely there merchant father. On one of her Father's visits she ease drops on a conversation and learns there's been news of her mother. The mother she hasn't seen since she was a baby. The mother she doesn't have any memory of. Her father sails immediately. Unknowing that Constance has stowed away on the ship. Somewhere along the way they pick up Alexandre, a boy with the dark eyes and the French accent. You don't need me tell you were that goes.

Were to start with this book? I loved it. At first I couldn't get into it at the beginning but as I read I grew to love everything about the story. A girl trying to find her mother. Whether she'll learn that her mother has been held captive all these years or the unthinkable that she left of her own free will she just can't keep live with the unknown. They end up picking up Alexandre along the way who helps Constance with her search for her mother and along the way they both grow to have hidden feelings for each other. Constance is all the while trying to be the best person she can and that means doing things proper girls aren't suppose to which disappoints the father she's always trying to please. And, all the while they're on ships or exotic islands. Their is something in it for everyone; romance, adventure, sadness.

There was quite a few times that I wanted to jump in the book and shout at people. Like Constance's father who is always thinking shes a silly girl or English people treating others badly because of their social standing. I just felt like there could be a second book continuing the story. It felt like it ended a little abruptly. Giving you a line that could go either way if the story continued. The book was originally published in Australia it looks like. So details are some what hard to understand. You can visit Kim Wilkins site here. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure, romance, or just a sad story. I give this book a 9 out of 10 rating.


Anonymous said...

That title change is a really good idea!

Anonymous said...

Kim Wilkins is an author I am keen to read, I saw her speak at a library conference earlier this year and she was without doubt the best speaker of the day; funny, intelligent and inspiring. I have a couple of her books in my TBR pile, I really must get to them soon. Great review.

April (BooksandWine) said...

That book looks awesome, what a great review, you've definately inspired me to want to read this book!!

Sandy said...

I've never heard of this one before. Now I want to read it! :D
Really? I hope I don't hate Bad seems really cute. :/ The Gargoyle looks AMAZING! The cover totally attracted me.

Glynis Peters said...

This is a new author for me, thanks I will look out for the book.
I enjoyed my visit.

Faye( Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm) said...

awesome review. I love the cover. I haven't read this book yet.

come pick up ur award here

Anonymous said...

Fantastic review. That cover reminds me of a young Nicole Kidman.

Jennifer said...

What a great review! I can't wait to pick this one up (I love the kind of books you can devour in one sitting).

Anonymous said...

Creative! I have to stick with will taxed my brain too much to do otherwise.


Sarah said...

I want to read this book now! It sounds really good!