Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maximum Ride Contest

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson:

Welcome To My Nightmare.
Do not put this book down. I'm dead serious- your life could depend on it. I'm risking everything by telling you-but you need to know.-Max

Max's Missions:
Protect the rest of her gang-Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, and Angel-from a pack of half-wolf, half-humans with a taste for flying humans.
Rescue Angel from a crew of complete wack-jobs.
Infiltrate a secret facility to track down their missing parents.
Figure out what she really thinks about Fang.
Get revenge on the one person she thought she could trust.
Discover the best chocolate-chip cookie in New York City.
Save the world, for crying out loud.

Not necessarily in that order, of course.

Anyone can enter the contest so come one, come all. The contest will be held until 9/6. To enter answer this question:
What is the most outrageous first day of school you have ever had.

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So hurry and comment before it ends.


Jessica said...

I think that if we have to answer this, you should answer this too. :P

Most outrageous? Hmm... That's a tough one. I would have to say MY first day of 7th grade in public school. I transferred from a private school that I had attended since I was old enough to start school. Apart from not knowning anyone, EVERYTHING was brand new. I might as well have come from Mars.

Please enter me in your contest.
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Jessica M

Kelsey said...

I'm already a follower +3
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Nice contest(:

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Kelsey said...

Oh, my most outrageous first day of school experience was probably in sixth grade. Starting in middle school was a big change. I was lost everywhere! I've never really had any really crazy first day stories though..

Eleni said...

+3 Already a follower!

Nice contest!

Tynga said...

I don't remember ever having a first bad day of school quite honestly.
Please count me in for the draw =)
tynga85 at hotmail dot com

Leslie said...

haha most outrageous first day of school lol well okie so i used to go to this really ghetto school so on the first day there was this gay guy (dressed as a girl with a weave and everything) and this other black girl that got into it really good haha they both ripped eachother's weaves and were dancing around the cafeteria for like ten min before they could get to them.. everyone talked about it for weeks!

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this is great!

leslie-lv at hotmail dot com

Sheere said...

The most outrageous first day of school was when I was 15.
School started September 12 byt high school students started 13.
My mother didn't belive me so I had to go to school and the headmistress wanted to put me in a class with the 12 years old..
I made such a big fuss that she let me stay in her office until my mother came back to take me home.

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Sarah said...

My most outrageous day of school was when I started 6th form and the coffee machine decided to explode in the common room x
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Colleen said...

my outrageous first day of school...starting 8th grade getting lost in the high school...I had no idea how to get around.

Colleen said...

I now follow