Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

ALERT- if you have not read the Summoning Kelley Armstrong’s first book in this YA series then be prepared for *SPOILERS*.

The Awakening starts off were the Summoning left off. At the end of the Awakening Chloe gets separated from Derek and Simon and goes to her Aunts with Rae to get help since she was injured. Only thing is that her Aunt is actually apart of the Edison group and she gives her to them. Starting at the beginning of the Awakening, Chloe is trying to bust out with some help from the ghost Liz and a Demi-demon goddess who wants Chloe to release her from the Edison building. She gets some unexpected help from someone I'm not going to mention who and they run away and meet back up with the boys. The story continues with them trying to get to Derek and Simon's father’s friend Andrew's house.

This is another good book in this series. In this one Chloe seems to be trying to put off her damsel in distress role for the strong independent woman. You get to see more different supernaturals in the book as it goes on and like the first more love triangle tension going on between Chloe, Derek, and Simon. So you won't go wanting there. You also get to learn more about how the supernatural teens came to be as they are and some of Chloe's family history.

Here is the book trailer for the Awakening also:

You can check out Kelley Armstrong's site here were you can read experts, link to buying, or just read about Kelley and her other books. The Reckoning the third and final installment in the series comes out May 1, 2010.


I wanted to discuss a part of the book that has been killing me from analyzing it all the time. It's when Derek and Chloe run into the murdering werewolves.

"Liam put his hand out toward me. When Derek tensed, he pulled back, then did it again, testing his reaction, laughing when he got one, until even Ramon started to laugh.
"Check this out," Liam said. "I think the pups got himself a mate. Isn't that the cutest thing?"

What!? I hope that actually has some meaning and will be more explained in the next book.

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