Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Hot Romp in the Bed

I've been having a gorge read for the last week of the Anita Blake series. For some reason I get in these crazy cram sessions if I'm starting a series and there's a ton of books out already. I'll have read the first six and then there is something I want to get to whether its a relationship, some action or a good romp that I'm just dying to know about and I just can't read fast enough for my impatience. That was the case whenever I finally started reading the Anita Blake series this last week. I got all the way to Obsidian Butterfly and then I started jumping ahead. Whether it was to see if Edward got into his little family fantasy or to see if Nathaniel ever got to get to have "intercourse". I will definitely going back and rereading over all the books. I'll just say that the words off the pages were so great that my eyes wouldn't work fast enough for me to read accurately.

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