Thursday, July 16, 2009

Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen

Auden has always been the academic girl that her divorced parents hadn't had to worry about. Unlike her Europe back packing brother. Sick of following her professor mother talk about womens roles in Renaissance literature she decides to go stay with her father, his wife, and their new born baby at their beach front home. She expects to spend time with her father discussing her plans for college and times of their past but what she gets is a constant wailing from her step sister Thisbe and her selfish father writing his ten year upcoming novel. She ends up working at her step mothers horribly girly boutique where she makes friends and meets Eli an ex-professional biker who helps her experiance all the things she missed in her childhood but has a secret past that makes no one look at him the same.

Another wonderful novel from the bestselling author Sarah Dessen. If you have read any of her other books such as: The Truth About Forever, That Summer, Someone Like You, Just Listen, and Keeping the Moon; than you will adore this book. I especially could relate to the main character Auden. I've always been more academic than social. Eli is another to die for male charcter with his tortured past so you won't go wanting in this book. Sarah Dessen is a wonderful YA author who can put intelligance and relatiability into her chic teen books and I am highly anticipating her next upcoming novel.

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